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CMPUT 325: Non-procedural Programming Languages
Created by Rich Sutton Jan 9 2006
The ambition of this web page is to be the primary site for information, software, and handouts for CMPUT 325 (a course at the University of Alberta in Fall 2006). All aspects of the course that are dynamic, that change, are dealt with here or in the course's newsgroup. This page does not repeat the basic, static information about the course given in its official university web site.

If you are taking the course in any capacity, please subscribe to this web page by clicking the "subscribe" link at the bottom of the page.  Then you will be kept apprised of any formal announcements related to the course.  For discussion and questions, please use the newsgroup.

midterm: you may bring the text book and any of your own notes to the exam.  On the other hand, n
o part of the exam will rely on your having access to the book, and the exam is long enough that you should not count on being able to read it much.

Sept 21
Sept 28
Oct 9
Oct 16
Oct 23
Nov 9
Dec 4

Update Sep 29th: Change of Language: (the following applies to assignments 3 and on, until further notice)

When submitting your code, make sure your functions work correctly under the Language: "Standard(R5RS)". Also make sure that, in the "Show Details" settings you have the "Case Sensitive" option enabled.

How to create and use test cases:

Sometimes, you may want to test your procedures without having to make calls to them one by one. Or we may provide you with some test cases so you can test your procedures and see if you get the results we expect your programs to give.  DrScheme provides this feature and you can access it from the "Special" menu: "Insert Test Case". You will have to make sure that your procedure definitions occur before the test cases.

Here is an example test case file. Download it and open it with DrScheme: "File" > "Open". (Note, if the download doesn't work, right click on the link "Here" and choose "Save Link as ...")

The class schedule has undergone a number of small changes.   
Exercise 2.5 has been added to the list of exercises that will be tested by the script. Please check the specs again.  

Asignment 3 is now due on Monday the 9th at 11:59:59 pm. All subsequent    
assignments will also be due on Mondays.  

my office hour today (oct 10) will be at 1-2 in the afternoon.   -rich  

Assignment 5 updated, please see specs:

all the marks are finally up on docsdb (i had to learn the system a little more than i had in the past).

there was a total of 65 points available for the final project: 10 pts for part 1, 10 points for part 2, 15 points for part 3, and 20 points for part 4. special congratulations to those of you that made it to part 4 and actually programmed an interpreter. if you would like to see a little more detail on how your project (or exam) was marked, you can come by my office between 12:30 and 1:30 tuesdays and thursdays.

thanks everybody for being a great class.  it was very stimulating for me.


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