date day topic reading assignment
7-Sep Thursday Intro, logistics, requirements, expectations

12-Sep Tuesday intro to drscheme

14-Sep Thursday building abstractions with procedures section 1.1 assignment 1 released
19-Sep Tuesday indirect assignment (Leah's question)

21-Sep Thursday procedures and processes section 1.2 assignment 2 released
26-Sep Tuesday higher-order procedures section 1.3
28-Sep Thursday building abstractions with data section 2.1 assignment 3 released
3-Oct Tuesday hierarchical data section 2.2
5-Oct Thursday symbolic data section 2.3 assignment 4 released
10-Oct Tuesday multiple representations for abstract data section 2.4
12-Oct Thursday generic operations section 2.5 assignment 5 released
17-Oct Tuesday assignment and state section 3.1
19-Oct Thursday the environment model of evaluation section 3.2
24-Oct Tuesday Midterm Exam

26-Oct Thursday meta-linguistic abstraction section 4.1
31-Oct Tuesday variations on a scheme section 4.2 assignment 6 released
2-Nov Thursday crystal - unifying procedures and data

7-Nov Tuesday evaluation in crystal

9-Nov Thursday implementing crystal 1

project specification part 1 released

complete project specification released
16-Nov Thursday implementing crystal 2

mandatory prolog lab b02; assignment 7 released
mandatory prolog lab b01

21-Nov Tuesday introduction to prolog: syntax, resolution, and unification (Kevin Andrusky)
chapters 1-3 of Bratko
23-Nov Thursday basic prolog programming (Jia You)

28-Nov Tuesday practical prolog programming (Jia You)

30-Nov Thursday constraint logic programming (Jia You)

5-Dec Tuesday prep for final exam

15-Dec Friday final exam
crystal-interpreter project due

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