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Terms of use
--Rich Sutton, ~Sep 8 2004
The ambition of this web page is to describe the ways in which you are, and are not, encouraged to use the open page server rlai.cs.ualberta.ca, the open pages there, and the open page infrastructure.

The open web page server rlai.cs.ualberta.ca has been set up primarily to encourage scientific collaboration at the intersection of reinforcement learning research and artificial intelligence research.  The creation of new open pages on these topics is explicitly encouraged and will be supported for the long term.

As part of this experiment with open web pages, we are also encouraging new pages that are related to the component scientific areas.  That is, we encourage also pages on artificial intelligence that are unrelated to reinforcement learning, and pages on reinforcement learning that are not explicitly related to artificial intelligence.  Pages on these topics will be supported as long as possible, but it may become necessary to move them elsewhere if the content or traffic on the server becomes too great.  This is not expected to happen very soon, and it is not expected to be difficult to find new hosts for such content.

In all cases, a few mild restrictions are necessary.  First, except in special circumstances, only html pages should be published to the open page server.  Second, use the server only for pages that are intended for collaborative authoring, pages which you encourage others to edit consistent with the style guide.  Third, use the open page server only for substantially new pages, pages that were explicitly written to support and encourage collaborative authoring in the ways suggested in the style guide.  Pages that have not been prepared in this way, or that are expected to be read but not altered, should be linked to but not transferred to the open page server.  Personal home pages, archival copies of completed documents, and images (other than small ones embedded in html pages) are examples of things that are not appropriate for transfer to the open page server.  If you want to include some read-only material but don't have a place to put it where it will be accessible for the long term, please contact us and we may be suggest or provide an archival place for it.

Please don't use the open page server for anything illegal or rude.  Please don't try to author content by means other than those intended.  Hackers, surely you can find more challenging targets.  Respect each others' work, particularly when refactoring it, and realize that your own work may be refactored.

Of course, these terms of use apply only to rlai.cs.ualberta.ca and not to open pages in general.  You are encouraged to host open pages on your own server on whatever terms you want, using the same software as used here or your own modifications of it.  Most of the relevant files for this can be found from the index page /index.html, but we have not kept this fully up-to-date.  We expect to take some steps to simplify setting up your own site in the future.
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