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Subjective Robotics

Eddie Rafols, November 09, 2004
The ambition of this page is to provide a location to coordinate the Subjective Robotics meeting.  If you attend this meeting, please subscribe to this page.

This meeting is held each Tuesday at 1pm in CSC 249 at the University of Alberta.

December 7th:
We thought we would continue discussing David Pierce's work, including a look at his thesis.  His work clearly has many of the same goals and perspectives as we do.  We should look carefully to see if we can utilize any of his ideas.

(rich probably will not attend because his furniture arrives this day from NJ)

Mark Ring, November 24, 2004
November 30th:
We began discussing the paper by David Pierce and Benjamin Kuipers:

Map learning with uninterpreted sensors and effectors, Artificial Intelligence 92: 169-229, 1997.

Mark Ring, November 24, 2004
November 23rd:
    We discussed the following topics:
  1. Is it possible to implement the subjective-robot description of the lawnmower task as presented by Rich last week and still have multiple landmarks? 
  2. What is a map, really, and are TD Nets maps?
  3. For next week we will be reading the Pierce, Kuipers paper (above).

November 16th:
    We will be discussing the lawnmower problem in a subjective context.

    The paper regarding the problem by Huang and Maire can be found here:
    A Localization System Solely Based on Vision for Autonomous Lawnmowers

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