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Versions of RL Toolkit and Individual Tools

This page describes the changes between different versions of the RL toolkit and individual tools. Each new version was saved in a zip or tarball, and may be redownloaded from this page if necessary.
To figure out which version you have, check the readme.txt file in the RLtoolkit folder. Newer versions of the toolkit will have a date and version number in that file. If there is no date or version number, check the date on the file itself and compare it to the change dates listed below to decide which version you have.

November 8, 2011:

January 27, 2005: (RLtoolkit 1.0 b6) located in RLtoolkit1.0b6.tgz

January 25, 2005: Quickgraph code updated, located in Quickgraph050125.tgz
January 25, 2005: G code updated, located in G050125.tgz
January 25, 2005: Tiles code updated, located in Tiles050125.tgz and CTiles050125.tgz

November 20, 2004 (RLtoolkit 1.0 b5): located in RLtoolkit1.0b5.tgz
                                   Tile coding: tiles.py, tiles.html
                                   G: g.py
                                   Quickgraph: quickgraph.tgz, graph.html

October 20, 2004 (RLtoolkit 1.0 b4): located in RLtoolkit1.0b4.tgz

October 12, 2004 (RLtoolkit 1.0 b3): located in RLtoolkit1.0b3.tgz

  Started work on separating GUI and non GUI versions of toolkit, and sections of toolkit that may
     be run independently (like quickgraph).
  Added initialization so that
              from RLtoolkit import *
     loads the utilities and tools.
September 28, 2004 (RLtoolkit 1.0 b2): located in RLtoolkit1.0b2a.zip
    The graphical utilities g, graph, and graph3d have been added to the toolkit instead of being in a
        separate package
    A new version of naive traces has been implemented, using dictionaries instead of arrays. It is much faster
        than the old one.
    The wrap around version of tiles has been added.
    Some minor changes have been made to graph (mostly bug fixes):
       GDEVICE will be used to keep track of graphs rather than _graphs
       You can now close a graph window and start a new one without an error
       Fixed problem with too many decimal places appearing in y axis labels
       Updated documentation

September 14, 2004 (RLtoolkit 1.0 b1): located in RLtoolkit1.0b1.zip
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