RLAI Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence (RLAI)
RLAI Software Development Resources Page

The ambition of this web page is to provide information and resources for software currently under development by the RLAI group at the University of Alberta. This page links to current development issues and code, describes some future directions, and also contains links to resources for languages and operating systems used in our development. Tools listed on this page are the very latest versions, with new capabilities, but incompletely tested.

This page is intended to be a meeting place for  discussion of code level issues and the updating of pre-beta test code for the various RLAI software projects. It is mostly intended for the members of the group doing the development, but may also be of interest to users eager for the latest version and willing to help test out potentially buggy code.

Latest Version of Tools (Beta at best, possibly even Alpha versions)

Tools under development by the RLAI group

Future Directions

Information on Tools used by the RLAI Group

Language Support

OS Support

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